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Kambo is applied topically, via small burns on the top layer of your skin. Small points of Kambo are applied to the exposed layer of skin and are quickly absorbed into the lymphatic system. The Kambo activates quickly once applied, and you may feel changes in body temperature within a few minutes. When the Kambo comes on fully, people feel a variety of physical and metaphysical sensations, potentially followed by a physical purge. Purging has a wide range of expression and may include vomiting, bowel movements, sweating, crying, belching, laughing, or the beginning of menstruation. You also may experience none of these sensations; if purging does not occur, it does not mean that your experience is any less effective. Kambo is truly unique and works with people in a variety of ways. 

A Kambo Ceremony is not a hallucinogenic experience, despite some misconceptions. During the experience, your practitioner will care for you and monitor you closely, ensuring that you are safe and comfortable and that all of your needs are met. The total effects are short-term and the peak experience will last 15-30 minutes. After the session, you may feel replenished and full of energy, or tired and ready to rest. 

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Kambo Ceremonies usually take place during daylight, in the morning or afternoon. Because of the likelihood of purging, you will need to refrain from eating any solid food 6-8 hours before your experience; eating is acceptable in the hours after Kambo. You may drink small amounts of juice, water, and tea. Kambo can be performed in the comfort of your own home (Pacific NW preferred; wider USA possible) or at our healing space in Portland, OR. You should consider having a few comfort items, such as a favorite cushion, blanket, water bottle, and sweatshirt; everything else will be provided by your practitioner. 


In the days leading up to your Kambo Ceremony, you may consider going on a light cleanse. Kambo has powerful detoxification abilities, and preparing your body prior to partaking can aid in positive results. Diet or cleansing is not a necessity to partake in Kambo; this is just an invitation. it is, however, advised to refrain alcohol and marijuana use in the days before and after the ceremony. If you have any questions regarding diet/psychological preparation, feel free to inquire and further recommendations will be provided to you.

If you take any prescription medications or have any medical concerns, make sure to let us know in advance so that we may confirm they are in compliance with this work. This is a safe and legal practice, but Kambo is not recommended for those with any of the following health conditions or treatment regimens:      


  • Serious blood pressure issues

  • Blood clots

  • Stroke or an aneurysm

  • Chemotherapy

  • Heart medications/surgery

  • Addison's disease

  • Immune system suppressants 

  • Extreme cases of asthma

  • Severe autoimmune disorders

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