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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Hello Happy New Year to you!

We are thrilled at this time to be announcing another brand new offering to bring in 2023!

Now, let’s talk about this new development

We have been doing some serious work these past few years and are ready to share more of the teachings by offering Qigong movement classes. These classes are offered to help us understand how to collect and restore our energy levels.

The first 2 methods of RenXue are Tian Yuan and Di Yuan, and include a few other supportive movements which will be included. Tian, meaning sky or universe and Yuan meaning completeness, unity and positive results. The Di in Di Yuan means earth, ground or land. It refers to the physical objects, to the tangible and substantial. It represents serenity, stillness, and to be in a centered state.

These practices can yield positive effects on health and the whole life. Practitioners often experience the following affects in a short amount of time:

- Increased ability to maintain a good state

- A brighter outlook on life and increased wellbeing

- Increased mobility and relaxation in the shoulders and neck

- More vitality and energy

You’ve been looking for these things, right? Wondering where all of that energy is going to? Well then, please join us for a class! There is no experience necessary as this is a class for beginners, every Sunday at 9 am, starting on January 8. Classes are provided via zoom and will last between 45 minutes to an hour. If you’re interested, please send an email for a link and password to join.

These classes are offered for $10 each week and payment can be made electronically. After your first class you are welcome to drop in any time; how easy is that?

We continue to be here if the need to talk arises for personal support, armed with many beautiful and useful tools to share for long term self care and will continue to update the Events and Services page as we move forward.

Wishing everyone a brilliant new year!

With much love,

Jen and Kellie

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