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Thanks Moms✨A Gift For You

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Hi friends, Last month I was blessed to be able to join my Mom, Sister, Aunt and all of their Sewing Sisters on a quilting retreat. It is always sew amazing the creativity we can muster up if we can focus toward completing an idea while hopefully leaving a bit of grace to see where things might actually land. Above is one of the many beautiful and thoughtful creations completed at that retreat. Through joyous sisterhood and sharing like this, we have been inspired to share a gift as well. Let’s get started.

Mother’s Day Circle - Introduction to Yuan Gong Qigong Date: Sunday, May 14 @ 9 am. All Mothers Free ~ Others $10 Welcome to our 1st in-person Qigong healing class as we reserve and make time for a special celebration to honor the mother in all of us with a moment of connection, Qi-healing and meditative movement. Guess we’d say it’s like a Qi-dance and everyone is welcome. If you are able to make it in person, class will be held in a private outdoor space in SW Portland as well as online for those of you out of town. (There is a backup indoor space in the case that it rains that day.) If you have been feeling hesitant to try Qigong for any reason, now is the time to start. During this class, we will explain the method in detail before getting into the practice helping us all reach a calm centered space for practicing in a deep state. No experience necessary. Techniques can be performed sitting or standing, eyes open or closed. If you like what you experience, each consecutive class will focus on a section or part of the method for progressive learning from week to week. We look forward to connecting with you. By invitation only. Contact us for your invitation.



Kambo Calls Is Kambo calling you? Feel free to reach out and schedule your appointment. Personal and group Kambo sessions are always available at your request.


Deep Thoughts: Overgeneralized? Why do we have a tendency to categorize things or label something as this or that? When I ask myself that question, I have used the pattern of overgeneralization as a way to protect myself. It’s really easy to do when we are talking about gender, ethnicities, countries, even neighborhoods of the city we live in. I have also found myself doing it with the people that I know and love the best. In some respects these things can be true. If so, aren’t they true only for the moment? Can’t we choose to see things a different way? When we stop categorizing doesn’t it allow for our perception to change and for what we are looking at to also change? How has overgeneralizing affected your life negatively? What are the ways it has helped you in life? Of the negative affects, what is a thought you would like to change about how you overgeneralize? What would you like to change it to? When we think about it, we can clearly see how the pattern of overgeneralization can affect us in every way. If you’d like to learn some new tools to help you from getting caught talking about “those people” by looking through an overgeneralized view, we are here as your kind mirror to help you explore the limiting parts of these patterns and move past them.

We continue to keep additional information current on services offered here and look forward to sharing space with you at our place on Mother’s Day! With Open Hearts, Jen & Kellie

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