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We Are The Mountain - MOMM, Inc. News - December 2022

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Kambo Pure has changed its name to Mind Over Mountains Movement, Inc. and we’d like to formally introduce ourselves.

Since starting the practice of Kambo in 2018, we have seen, received and personally understood a lot of information in relation to trauma/problematic patterns. What is so interesting is how intertwined our thoughts and body’s discomfort can be.

When we come across something that is so powerful as Kambo it can make us immediately feel so much better that it might make us feel something like: "That’s it! With this tool, I can conquer ___.” This is a sentiment that was definitely shared here. Over time, what has been clearly illuminated is that (in our personal experience) plant and animal medicines are great tools which can provide clarity to see where there is work needing to be done. We have all of the tools within us to solve the rest; but we need to do so for ourselves.

Since Ren Xue has entered our lives, we are both experiencing a steady climb toward health, happiness, a sense of well being, growth, and contribution. We are consciously working toward being internally and externally unified. These are states which are becoming more prevalent and no longer shifting like sand in our hands.

We have learned to create structure within ourselves for the cultivation of heart qualities such as love, trust, openness, gratitude and utmost true respect. After some honest work, those feelings stay at the front of the heart and become qualities that lead the way. We learned that although we are all things good and bad, we make choices based on our patterns, whether learned or from past experience which can lead us right down the same unhealthy or negative track no matter what we seem to try. We also have learned how to change those patterns allowing us to move forward from the past with no negative emotional attachment.

Additionally, it’s amazing to note that there are no contraindications for learning Ren Xue. The list of advantages to this work are far too long to notate here so will drop a link if you’d like to learn more:

If you have intentions that have not been answered and would like to try a coaching session to understand more about the process and see if it’s a fit for you, please contact to schedule your first session free. Coaching sessions are online via FaceTime or zoom so no need for hectic travel or hours of recovery. Additionally, if at any point you decide we are not a match or you would like to work with someone else, there are many resources that we can provide through the Ren Xue community as we are not in competition with our peers.

More information can be found on the Events and Services page.

Although our main focus has shifted to life cultivation through Ren Xue and Yuan Gong Qigong, we are still offering Kambo as it is a process which can bring clarity to start identifying problems, is a great reminder for our bodies on how it can process and was utilized as a stepping stone for our growth.

With the addition of monthly kambo ceremonies, we’d like you to know that we are still here to provide private kambo ceremonies at your request.

Upcoming group ceremony dates are December 17 and January 21. Please email to reserve your space at either ceremony.

Our website continues to be updated so please feel free to stop on over to and check out the latest.

Lastly, we are so grateful to be able to share this information with this community and will be holding your information with confidence. As Kambo Pure is dissolved and Mind Over Mountains Movement, Inc. comes to life, we will not be sharing your information with anyone, ever. Thank you for being part of this community.

With open hearts,

Jen & Kellie

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