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The Team

Who We Are


Jennifer Hall

I have always been interested in our body’s energetic process and have dabbled in a verity of Qi or energetic modalities over the years.  I was introduced to Kambo in December of 2018. Pretty immediately felt it was something I wanted to share with others. After years working with Kambo I have realized that there is a lot to understand in relation to illnesses and our thought process.  We actually do have everything we need to create inner balance/peace and better health within us.


I am a Life Cultivation Coach practicing Qigong, RenXue, Biofield Tuning & Kambo. I have been through an incredible healing journey and utilize knowledge and personal understanding to assist individuals in finding physical and emotional blockages needing to be released.


I am a member of Kambo International and have a profound respect for Kambo. Kambo is not for everyone and safety throughout your process is my main concern. 

I am here for your supportive or integrative needs as a coach with personal experience in consciousness/heart healing.  I am enrolled in the Yuan Gong teacher training program through Ren Xue and am humbled and deeply honored to share this work and be of service in the many ways I have been served. 

Kellie Rutherford

For most of my life, I really struggled to understand why I couldn't be happy, why I felt there was something wrong with me, and why I felt so different from everyone else.  I didn't understand why I did the things I did that harmed myself and the ones I loved.

Although I initially used Kambo to help get out of the dark cloud I was in, I was still doing things I knew were damaging and harmful.  

In 2019, I attended my first Ren Xue in person retreat with Yuan Tze. Since then, I have been able to face myself more and to deal with the things that were causing me such discomfort and unease.  

I can see the progress made and the positive effects on life when working from a deep fundamental level. I look forward to helping people in the same way.  Learning to forgive myself, trust myself and be open to myself, I can help others do the same.

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