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The Team

Who We Are


Jennifer Hall

I have always been interested in our body’s energetic process and have dabbled in a verity of Qi or energetic modalities over the years. I have realized that there is a lot to understand in relation to illnesses and our thought process.  We actually do have everything we need to create inner balance/peace and better health within us.


I have been through an incredible healing journey and utilize knowledge and personal understanding to assist individuals in finding physical and emotional blockages needing to be released.

I am here for your supportive or integrative needs with personal experience in consciousness/heart healing.  I am enrolled in the Yuan Gong teacher training program through Ren Xue and am humbled and deeply honored to share this work and be of service. 

Kellie Rutherford

For most of my life, I really struggled to understand why I couldn't be happy, why I felt there was something wrong with me, and why I felt so different from everyone else.  I didn't understand why I did the things I did that harmed myself and the ones I loved. 

In 2019, I attended my first Ren Xue in person retreat with Yuan Tze. Since then, I have been able to face myself more and to deal with the things that were causing me such discomfort and unease.  

I can see the progress made and the positive effects on life when working from a deep fundamental level. I look forward to helping people in the same way.  Learning to forgive myself, trust myself and be open to myself, I can help others do the same.

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