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"Wow!!! if kambo calls to any of you answer. Jennifer will help you !!!!

Thanks Jennifer and Rene for all the support through a tough time Jens intuition is incredible and the process is amazing!!! For some one that is seeking help this is definitely something to explore."


"Jenny was the “most” emotional empathic human being I have ever met in my life. Thanks to her Kambo ceremonies I was able remember more of my authentic self, discover my potential business mission statement, and reignite my passion for all things feminine. It is totally worth purging all that emotional baggage from my body. Thank you Jenny."


"Jen is an amazing kambo practitioner. It´s such a blessing to have found her. She is kind and professional and caring and well-prepared. I have had kambo with multiple practitioners in multiple countries, and I feel like Jen´s ceremony is very special and very safe. I am so grateful to Jen and to the frog for all the blessings they have shared with me!! Thank you!!"





"Very kind, professional, and listens to your wants/needs. Also intuitive, comforting, and safe."



"My first ceremony, a little hesitant and anxious and I am so grateful for the warm, welcoming and compassionate care provided by Jen. She introduced me to the process and procedure of the ceremony and allowed the space for acceptance and honoring of the Spirit of the Frog. I was guided with presence and comfort as I transitioned through each stage of the ceremony. I left feeling better however l was to continue my cleansing journey for another 36 hours. Not something I was expecting and Jen was there every step of the way and provided on-going guidance and support as I completed my first purging. Two weeks later I am still processing the ceremony and can feel – just about every day – an additional subtle shifting in my energy bodies. My appreciation and gratitude to Jen and I highly recommend her services in your Kambo journey"


"Blessings to all. What an incredible experience working with Jen last weekend. In preparation for sitting with the Madre I came across Jen. WOW ... above and beyond. Sitting with a couple Jen started the three of us out with south American plant based eye drops. Can't lie, stung like a MF! She explained it's reasons and usage and we all chose to partake and breath thru it.(breathing became the theme for me) We then did the rap'e. Both were a wonderful build up to the Kambo Ceremony itself. On a side note, it was brought to my attention a year or so ago that I have the "mthfr" mutated gene so don't process toxins well. Jen understood that very well and adjusted everything accordingly. She turned and then upped the points on my back during the ceremony. I was able to purge (manually) and walked me thru it in a very caring and thoughtful way. she is a confidant Practitioner and walked us all thru the process in a very up beat and positive way.

The rest of the afternoon was very comfortable having participated in the  Ceremony. I recommend Jen weather you are preparing for other ceremonies or needing to get clarity for day to day life. Sitting with the Mother that evening after the Kambo was like no other! I cannot thank Jen enough for her help and guidance. Many Blessings"


"Jenn is a very attentive practitioner with a true Medicine woman heart. Not only does she have a great knowledge of her craft but she shows up with a most beautiful energy as an individual also. Thank you for helping me clear space for more growth Jenn. Blessings on you and the practice of sacred medicine!"

"Jenn is a very attentive practitioner with a true Medicine woman heart. Not only does she have a great knowledge of her craft but she shows up with a most beautiful energy as an individual also. Thank you for helping me clear space for more growth Jenn. Blessings on you and the practice of sacred medicine!"


"Jen is a natural medicine woman with a soft and kind energy and a huge smile. She holds space for purging with patience and strength. You can feel she loves to help people make more room for growth and healing. Thank you Jen!"



"Jennifer is an amazing intuitive

practitioner. She provides a comforting and safe space for the healing process. Highly recommended!"


"Jen is an incredible healer! She walked me through my journey with such intuitive listening, attention to detail and patience. I had many questions throughout my journey and she honored them all. I felt completely safe, valued and cared for through my entire time working with Jen! The work we did together allowed me to find clarity around my life path and purpose and heal deep wounds that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with her."


"Jen was warm and welcoming when I arrived and helped put my anxieties at ease regarding trying something so intense for the first time. Her home smelled of sage and she had a tray of beautiful components used for the ceremony - as well as a big red bucket! She walked me through the process and made me feel comfortable, I felt right away that I was in good hands. The experience itself was powerful and left me feeling energized and clear. I had the best night of sleep I've had in months once the day was over. Jen provided a comfortable safe container and conducted the ceremony in a very caring fashion. As of the next day I can feel a major shift in my energy having shed a great deal of negativity in addition to purging toxins from my body. I can feel the power of this incredible frog and can say with certainty that I will be back! Thanks so much Jen!!"




I am a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner and I met Jennifer several months ago. I was honored to give her Kambo for the first time and several subsequent treatments. When she felt the call to become a Kambo practitioner I saw her true love for the medicine and her potential. I encouraged her to follow her call and she took the training and became a fellow IAKP practitioner. This past Monday the roles were inverted, she was now my practitioner and I was receiving Kambo from her. I have no words to express my gratitude to Jennifer. She is a thorough, compassionate and amazing practitioner. She holds sacred space with love, care, intent and knowledge. She also utilizes her natural gift of a medicine woman by moving energy with her shamanic abilities. When I was going through the hardest part of the process, she was encouraging me to sit with the medicine, to trust and release. I am humbled in awe by seeing Jennifer how much she has grown in her path as a Kambo practitioner and energy healer. The spirit of Kambo works through her as she allows spirit to guide her during ceremony. The spirit of the frog truly works its magic through Jennifer. Thank you, Jennifer, for saying “yes” and for sharing your wonderful gifs to humanity with love, care, compassion, knowledge and a steady hand. Viva Kambo!


"My Kambo experience with Jen was exactly the jump start to a more focused and healthy body/mind that I’m trying to achieve. I felt immense motivation and no cravings for the unhealthy food and drinks I previously had. I’m so grateful for what the ceremony has brought me and couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Jen was comforting and calm every step of the way:) Thank you and I look forward to our future experiences."



"I cannot give enough praise for my experience with Jen!!! She was totally present and supportive of me throughout my entire experience! She also offered and administered both plant medicines, Sananga and Hape, each of which are powerfully cleansing in their own right! I truly couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator!!! I would highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for a complete and total cleanse!!! Thank you, Jen!!!"


"I am so grateful and glad to have been introduced to Kambo by Jen. My first, but certainly not last, ceremony with her was enormously positive and undeniably beneficial. My heartfelt thanks to Jen, the Frog, and our connection through healing. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


"1st time...Jen explained everything in detail. Made me feel comfortablle during the ceremony.  I highly recommend. Jen is an amazing spirit and made it an awesome experience"


"I have had two other Kambo ceremonies prior to visiting Jen but I was still full of nervous energy when I arrived.  She quickly put me at ease with some clearing breath work and from that point on I was relaxed and confident.  She encouraged me to be brave and focus on my intentions when the inevitable thoughts of, Why am I doing this again?, came up.  After the ceremony my body was buzzing with positive energy for the rest of the day.  If Kambo calls to you I don't think you'll find a more competent and caring practitioner than Jen."


"Jen is a gifted healer! I felt so safe in her presence which was very important to me as the Kambo ceremony can bring out feelings of intense vulnerability.  She was so patient and nonjudgmental in allowing my process to unfold, all the while holding stable and calm space for me.  I felt so held during my Kambo transformation.  Each day since my ceremony, it feels like more of myself is coming back to me and with increased energy and vitality!  Thank you Jen for being a kind, reassuring, gentle embodiment of all that the frog has to offer!"



"Jen is a very knowledgeable Kambo Practitioner.  This was my first Kambo Ceremony.  Although I was a bit nervous about the ceremony as well as excited.  Once I met Jen in person I knew I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about.  She had great personality and great energy around her.  It was an unforgettable experience for me.  I  highly recommend Jen to anyone who is serious about starting their journey with Kambo."




"The biggest change that I have noticed is that my physical body is more at peace.  The body doesn't use verbal language and I wanted to speak to it in a way it would understand that I didn't need to understand with my mind, so chose the Kambo sessions with Jen.  I definitely feel an indescribable shift.  It was a huge step in my personal healing journey.  Thank you!"

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