Why Integrative Personal Coaching?

Did you know that illness, fatigue, body aches and a long list of our body’s discomfort can come from the power of our own mind? Each of us have been gifted an incredible heart/consciousness which our internal true selves want to be unified with, but most of us could likely use a little help to figure it all out.

Are there negative thoughts or past scenarios constantly running through your mind? Do you look back at the past with regret, sorrow, pain or anger? Does the current state of the world leave you in a state of confusion or fear? Are there old pains or traumas from your past that you can’t seem to get past?  

Welcome to integrative personal coaching.  The integrative personal coaching offered is based on Level 5 & 6 Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Professional Training Material published by Yuan Tze Center. Further, the teachings of RenXue, are becoming the backbone for all of our life’s other work, creating true solid structure and balance in the body, mind, home and heart.

During your session, you will learn how to have better conversations with yourself in order to identify and change unhealthy patterns of the consciousness which will create freedom over time to be able to see each day or situation as new. We can clean up our heart-consciousness and re-unify with our inherent heart qualities such as love, trust, openness, gratitude and respect.  This can lead to things like increased self-esteem and finding true love for one’s self.

Our consciousness can sometimes feel fragile and in need of support when having these types of  conversations, especially at first. That is why we are here as an unbiased sounding board to help unpack the stories of the consciousness while sharing tools to help re-write your code.  Join us on the path to finding your True Self once again.

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What is Kambo?


Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor or Monkey Tree Frog which resides in the treetops of the Amazon forest.  This powerful secretion contains many bioactive peptides which have been found to be  very beneficial. Kambo can be a great tool for helping us clear up our gut brain to help us come to life with more clarity.


Kambo ceremonies are legal, non-hallucinogenic experiences.  Kambo has long been used by indigenous tribes of the Amazon to protect themselves from many diseases, such as Malaria and other infections that are easily acquired in the jungle, detoxify the body and gain more strength/stamina. The Matsés tribe of Peru uses Kambo to treat a symptom they refer to as "Panema," which translates to laziness, depression and bad luck. 

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