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Join us on Zoom each week for a calm, intuitive and and supportive environment where we will start from the beginning and grow in understanding together. These practices can yield positive effects such as Increased ability to maintain a good state. If you’re looking for brighter outlook on life and sense of increased wellbeing, increased mobility and relaxation in the shoulders and neck or more vitality and energy for starters, please join us.


No experience necessary as this is a class for beginners. Techniques can be performed sitting or standing.


This is a subscription based offering. Each Sunday you will receive a new video which contains a practice that you can utilize as much as you’d like whenever you’d like. For more information please contact us or fill out this consent form for a link to join.

Sitting at a lake at sunset
Unify and Recharge - Enjoy Sunday Morning Qigong 
Why Coaching?

Because each of us came with a miraculous machine worthy of investment.

Did you know that you can “re-wire” your thought process to the point that you could actually experience happiness without even trying? Do you find yourself reacting to new situations with feelings or emotions from your past? Would you like to start freeing yourself of these negative emotions and start seeing every day as new and full of possibility? These are just a few examples of the types of patterns we’ve been working through and the return on investment is going through the roof!

The  coaching offered is focused on getting past repetitive patterns and programs by learning to build trust back into ourselves utilizing teachings of Ren Xue and experience.

Learn how to have better conversations with yourself in order to identify and change unhealthy patterns of the consciousness which will create freedom over time to be able to see each day or situation as new. We can clean up our heart-consciousness and re-unify with inherent heart qualities such as love, trust, openness, gratitude and respect.  This can lead to things like increased inner calm, self-esteem and finding true love for one’s self.

Our consciousness can sometimes feel fragile and in need of support when having these types of  conversations. . That is why we are here as an unbiased sounding board to help unpack the stories of the consciousness while sharing tools to help re-write your code and allowing you to see your way to your Truest Highest Self.

Mind Over Mountains Movement, Inc Team

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