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Please write a detailed message regarding your intentions for service and questions. If you are inquiring for Kambo, please note any medical conditions and medications that currently affect you. This information is important, as it allows us to have a clear picture of how to best serve you. We will answer your message as soon as possible. For an immediate response, please call Jen at (503) 855-8908.


Success! Message received. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.




How much does a session cost?

An individual Kambo session costs $250 per person. Additional travel fee may apply. The exchange to schedule or join a group session is $150 per person. Please inquire for more details.

Where does the ceremony take place?


Ceremonies take place either at my home in SW Portland, or at your home or other preferred location. I am willing to travel anywhere in the Pacific NW (or country, for motivated clients) for an additional travel fee.  Please inquire for more details.


Who should receive Kambo medicine?

Kambo is safe for most people. However, some medications or medical issues may be contraindicated. This is a safe and legal practice, but Kambo is not recommended for those with health conditions such as very high blood pressure, blood clots, heart issues, immune system suppression, or a handful of other serious conditions. Please see Contraindications for more details, or get in touch to talk about your specific health situation. Kambo has not been approved by the FDA.


How long do the effects last?

The acute effects of Kambo are short term, lasting 20-40 minutes. After the session, you may feel replenished and full of energy, or tired and ready to rest. Kambo medicine is NOT psychoactive and you will remain embodied throughout the process. You will be able to resume normal activities within several hours after your treatment.


How is the medicine collected?

Proper collection of the frog's secretion is of vital importance. The medicine used in my sessions is collected with extreme care by the Ticuna and Matsés, indigenous tribes located in the Peruvian Amazon. When it's time to gather Kambo, the frog is gently stretched and tickled. The secretion is then released through the pores of the frog's soft tissue, and is carefully collected and left to dry in the sun. The frog is not harmed during the process and is then released back into the forest with gratitude. Please see Collection for more information. 

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