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❤️ Wishing Your Days Full Of Love ❤️

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Greetings and Happy Valentines,

The year is young and love is in the air! Is learning Qigong or starting a meditative practice on your New Years Resolution list? Help yourself relax a little and join us on the sunny side of Qi for Sunday Morning Qigong at 9am. The Qigong class offered on Zoom every Sunday morning is created with intention to help everyone find comfortable space while meditating with movement. Each class starts with an introduction to the method being practiced with guidance surrounding movement and mind activity so that when we get into the practice together you can allow your Qi to flow with comfort. Classes are offered for $10 each week. To receive your invitation to class, please fill out the linked consent form here: Once we receive your form, you will receive an email with the zoom invitation link and a couple of payment links so that you can pay as you go. So, what if I’m nervous to join a new class? We understand that after being less social, some might feel uncomfortable doing new movements in front of a screen with a new group of people. We are happy to say that your participation is up to your comfortability. We do love to see your smiling face at the beginning of class, but totally understand if you’d like to close your screen while we start the practice. If there are any questions or needs that you would like to address that aren’t addressed here, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to talk to you individually about this and any other offering.

Want To Love Yourself More? Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating our love for each other but we all know that can be hard to do if we aren’t feeling that great about ourselves. If you are feeling lacking in the self-love department and are ready to take an honest look, we are here to help with understanding how to grow or cultivate values internally such as trust, love, openness, gratitude and utmost respect. We can overcome the patterns of our past to see every situation as new and full of wonderful possibilities. You have the power to free yourself of limiting thoughts, beliefs and judgment. Join us in growth as we are so excited to be here to share the amazing tools we have found. We can brighten our internal light and let our hearts shine open again with the purity of these values! Inspiration continues and spring is starting to shine its bright warmth in our direction as we look forward to newness around every corner…it’s awesome. So, whether it’s a weekly class or a conversation, we are happy to be here to support you and your process, wherever you are at. We continue to keep additional information current on services offered here and look forward to hearing from you! With gratitude, Kellie and Jen

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